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Wilderlands 5e Tabletop

Altanis: a land of mighty-thewed barbarians, seductive sorceresses, sinister Necromancers, laughing Rogues, foul Serpent-Men, and brutal Orcs.  A land of warm winds and mighty storm.  A land littered with the ruins of fallen empires and better days.  It is a rough, violent land, where the strength of one’s sword or spell counts for more than any laws.  It is a land of high adventure.

This campaign is set in the Arcadian expanses of the wild Ghinarian Hills, in eastern Altanis.

Sandbox Old School Tone Episodic 5e Novice Tier Tabletop D&D Game

House Rules
1.XP awarded when PCs return to a safe place at end of session
2.XP for GP returned to safe place, up to 1:1 (monster XP approx half standard). XP awards at Level 11+ are 1/10 (1 XP per 10 gp).
3. Long Rest takes 1 week, restores all hit dice, normally occurs at end of session. Short Rest is 1 hour as normal.

Recommended Practices
1. Caller during dungeon exploration, who takes actions from group and passes them on to GM
2. Dungeon Mapper (at least one) who maps dungeon during session. GM gives mapping XP if map is shared by upload after session.

The PCs have heard rumours that Stonehell Dungeon, quiet for decades, has recently become active again. Goblins lurk in the outer bastion. Strange creatures appear where the walls between worlds grow thin. Young Lady Vex of Selatine has put out a call for adventurers to deal with the threat. Stonehell is also rumoured to hold the vast treasures of Stonehell's creator, the 'Mad Vizier of Nerath', never recovered. PCs have arrived by ship or overland at Selatine & the Scalpy Inn.

Selatine Map

Selatine Area

Stonehell Canyon.png

Ghinarian Hills region

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Many years after the events recounted here, the undead husk that was once Varek Tigerclaw met his end at the hands of a new generation of Altanian heroes...

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Ghinarian Hills Campaign

The Ghinarian Hills Campaign (5e)

Current Game Date: M2 4446 BCCC.
Current PC start level: 5

File:Cole Thomas The Course of Empire The Arcadian or Pastoral State 1836.jpg
Looking south towards the Shrine of Apollo north of the Cedarwade, river just below its confluence with the river Fairhills and upstream from the Korm Basin, the Ghinarian Hills visible beyond.

Rob Conley's Factions of Altanis Map

Ghinarian Hills Campaign

Altanian Tiger
Altanis: a land of mighty-thewed barbarians, seductive sorceresses, sinister Necromancers, laughing Rogues, foul Serpent-Men, and brutal Orcs.  A land of warm winds and mighty storm.  A land littered with the ruins of fallen empires and better days.  It is a rough, violent land without a King, where the strength of one’s sword or spell counts for more than any laws.  It is a land of high adventure.

This campaign is set in the Arcadian expanses of the wild Ghinarian Hills, in eastern Altanis. Rumours abound of the Lost City of Thracia, roamed by degenerate savages and savage Beastmen. To the west, beyond the Castellan mountains, the Necromancers of Neo-Nerath plot in fallen Bisgen.

Ghinarian Warriors

Altanian Barbarian & Amazon Warrior

Pazidan Peninsulais the chief geographic feature of the northern Wilderlands. Running from the Estuary of the Roglaroon in the north to the fingers of Oricha in the south, the Pazidan Peninsula was once home to the legendary Orichalan Dragon Lords, who were hunted into near extinction by the Altanians after the fall of their Empire of Glorious Doomfire. In many places, such as the Carnelian Plains, the soil of the peninsula is rich and red—like the color of the skin of the hardy nomadic barbarians who wander the region in their animal clans. The peninsula is criss-crossed with many ancient roads, some built long ago by the Empire of Kelnore, which have yet withstood the weathering of the ages.
Ghinarian Hills (Gentle Hills, Wet): This highland stretches from the Cedarwade in the west all the way to the coast and the Cape of No Return in the east. Beautiful and pastoral hills give a breathtaking view of the sea. An ancient mausoleum, dedicated to Belaras, a hero slain in the service of Mitra-Apollo, serves as a testing grounds for paladins and clerics. Transparent-fleshed humans (ghuls) as well as the most evil and hardened heretics make such a quest more perilous. The Vale between the Ghinarian Hills and the River of Visions to the south is home to some of the worst outlaws, criminals and outcasts of the Altanian tribes, who seek refuge here in this buffer 
territory between Altanis and the lands of 
Oricha. Encounters: ghuls, pilgrims, berserkers.
Castellan MountainsA gigantic sculpture of a sleeping Stone Giant sprawls along the lower eastern elevations of this mountain chain. Orcs have taken residence in many ruined citadels. Renowned for water falls emptying into wetland valleys. Most have never been explored due to the sheer cliffs. Natural caves abound. The gnomes of Ractuan mine lead and make a meager living, while holding their pass against the undead & orc legions of the Empire of Neo-Nerath to the west. Encounters: orc bands, basilisks, vrock demons, stone giants.
Ghinarian Ghul
Cedarwade, River (Rough Aquatic): This river travels roughly 60 miles before it fractures into several smaller streams in the Castellan foothills. Silver is often panned here. Encounters: prospectors.
Altan Warforged
Madcat Mountain (Rugged Mountains): Named for the twin spires that jut out of the peak of this mountain. The summit is approximately 10,000 feet in height. Extensive vaults beneath the mountain are said to hold sleeping metal warriors left over from the Uttermost War.
 From 'The Southlands Canpaign' Day 23 (8/7/4434): "The group rest overnight in the Skydome tower.  Bulwark is joined by Saryth, recovered from her wound, and by the warlock Megaera, who now sports small horns and a forked tail.  The three of them leave to escort the two Gishmesh slaves home and then explore the Warforged crypts said to lie beneath Madcat mountain. The Altanian heroes Rameses and Varek remain, planning to explore the pits beneath the Skydome before taking Lyssana home to her people; however Rameses develops a high fever, the consequence of his wounds suffered against the orcs."
M1 4446 BCCC: Recent rumour has it that the Warforged 'steel men' of Madcat Mountain have been awakened by one of their own,Lord Bulwark, and that he now leads them in battle against the forces of Neo-Nerath.
Altanian Fisher Girl

Weather: The Ghinarian Hills are warm, temperate to subtropical, with the eastern coasts cooled by a refreshing sea breeze. M4-M9 are dry and warm-temperate, little rain falls. The 'wet season' usually begins in M10, with warm rains and frequent lightning storms, and lasts through M3. The wet season is mostly hot and humid.

A Dragon Lord of Ancient Oricha



After a half-day's trek the forest parts to reveal great redstone cliffs rising ahead, three hundred feet high. The Thrace River cascades down falls from the top of the cliffs to the forest floor below, where the marble ruins of the lost city spread out around a central canal. A branch of the canal leads north into an expanse of swamp, which extends for miles north.

The Ruins of Thracia. A vast cavern complex is said to lie beneath.
Once one of the Ghinoran Successor States, Thracia was established ca 150 BCCC, in the aftermath of the fall of the original Orichalan Dragon Empire (ca -2900 to -575 BCCC) and subsequent Rise of Ghinor (-450 to 350 BCCC). Thracia was founded as a major centre of trade between Barbarian Altanis and the Ghinoran heartlands across the southern ocean. The founding of Thracia involved the killing or expulsion of Orichalan-worshipping Lizardman tribes from the coastal marshes and plains along what is now the eastern coast of the Ghinarian Hills.
Ontussa, the Sphinx of Thracia
Thracia flourished for many centuries, at times vassal to but ultimately outliving both theKingdom of Kelnore (500-1400) and the evil Empire of Glorious Doomfire (1400-2450), until weakened by degeneracy and internal rebellion (ca 3400-3500 BCCC). She is said to have finally fallen to barbarian invasion over 800 years ago (ca 3600 BCCC), a century before the rise of the Empire of Nerath (3700-4197). Nerath eventually defeated the Death-worshipping barbarians and drove them underground, but never conquered the undercity.
Today Thracia is still inhabited by death-worshipping savages known as the Deathwalkers (thought to be a degenerate mix of Altanian & Ghinoran stock), and by Beastmen said to be remnants of the Gnoll Times that destroyed the Alryran-Nerathi kingdom in 4197 BCCC. The two groups are frequently at war. Thracia is rumoured to have extensive underground dungeons and caverns. Raiding Beastmen and Deathwalkers from Thracia sometimes attack travellers in the surrounding countryside, but rarely venture against fortified settlements, the last big raid having been against Selatine by the Beastmen in M5 4444 BCCC.

 "Kogor's the name - just returned from exploring the northeastern ruins of Thracia, where I battled giant rats and a zombie Deathwalker - once a priest I reckon. The Deathwalkers' surface holdings have been overrun by the Beastmen, all is slaughter and death there."
Ghinarian Peltast, with shield & javelins.


The ruined Shrine of Saint Ulther the Lighthousekeeper, sacred to both Ghinoran and Nerathi, stands atop a cliff spur eight miles southwest from Selatine, and three miles north
of Oriax's Tower (the Lighthouse), where the cliffs lower to below 50'. A deep and lightless gorge cloaked in brambles runs to the east of the cliffs, and there is rumoured to be an entrance to the deep tunnels there, but the southern approach is easy via either a cave at the base of the cliffs, or a trail up from a spot just east of the cave mouth to the clifftop shrine above, where a spiral stair leads down into the crypts.
St Ulther's own tomb lies on the first level, still sealed after perhaps four centuries (ca 4050 BCCC). Ulther is said to have been a Cleric of the Lord of Light - Pelor, Apollo, and/or Mitra, depending on who you listen to. He lived during the Glory of Nerath. Legend has it that he restored the functioning of the ancient Lighthouse, that is now the Tower of Oriax. It still shines today, and over the centuries since has doubtless saved hundreds of ships from the
 deadly reefs offshore.
There are said to be extensive dungeons beneath the Crypts, known as Dyson's Delve after the mad Nerathi Archmage Dyson Logos, supposedly one of the legendary Founders of Nerath (ca 3700 BCCC). Before his madness Dyson aided Magroth, First King of Nerath, to slay the ancient gold dragon Ayunken-vanzen, to found the City of Nera, and to Light the Flame Imperishable on the highest rampart of Nera's royal palace. It is said that Dyson's fire magics were also instrumental in Nerath's early victories over the Deathwalker death-cultists of Thracia, who once ravaged the Ghinarian hills, taking countless sacrifices for their dark god. The Archmage and the Army of Nerath combined with the Ghinarians to drive the Deathwalkers from their surface holdings, down into the darkness beneath the ruined city (3720, est.). In later years Dyson is said to have grown crazed, and to have created the tunnels of the Delve in his quest for a power node that myth calls the Heart of Elemental Chaos (3750, est.).
It is unknown if he ever succeeded, or what ultimately
 became of him.

Settlements & their Lords

The Lords' Alliance 4446
Selatine (Ghinoran): Hytirus Vex
Verius (Ghinoran): Kaldrac
Talholm (Ghinoran): Usarus
Theber (Ghinoran): Vilius the Old
Krens' Cairn (Ghinoran): Krens, a Mage of Tula
Trade (Antillian/Ghinoran): Tarcon

Tower of Oriax (Fortress, Orcs & Outworld Slave Girls): Oriax the Lecherous, Archmage
Bratanis (Ghinoran): Aeschela
Ahyf (Town, Ghinoran/Antillian): Briaron (selected) & the Council of Elders
Clear Meadows (vassal to Ahyf, Nerathi/Ghinoran): Temple of St Irig
Sceros (vassal to Ahyf, Ghinoran): Lord Arkonos
Thusia (Ghinoran/Amazon/Outworld): Lady Meda, Amazon Sorceress
Temple-Tomb of Belaras (Temple Fortress, Ghinoran): High Priest Larsonos of Apollo-Mitra

Yusan's Den (Fortress, former Temple - Citadel of Water, Altanian): Yusan
Carchimish (Town, Altanian/Ghinoran): Brigand Lords Mytsh, Marnt, & Hagnol
Highhaven (Amazon): Queen Artemisia
Hara/Mara (Town, Alryan-Nerathi): Namelin Bronze, replaced Earani Cor
Ketche, Clan Hold of the Sea Wolf (Altanian): Chief Minars Rapak, High Chief Beklomda Mor

SELATINE (hex 3532)

Selatine (pop. 324 M1 4446), an ancient fortified cliffside village near the mouth of the River Thrace, with a deep natural harbour. Once larger, Selatine has suffered from attacks in recent years, and many houses have been abandoned. Selatine is now ruled by energetic  Lord Hytrius Vex since the death of his father and elder brothers in battles with Thracian Beastmen raiders and Altanian marauders in 44442. Lord Vex's lovely younger sister Jana Vex serves as Priestess of the local Shrine of Mitra-Apollo. She was exiled for having carnal relations with a wandering adventurer, Lance Harcourt, on 9/10/4444 BCCC, but after many adventures returned home, exactly a year and a day later (10/10/4445) and was grudgingly accepted back, resuming her prior position. 
Selatine serves as a frequent stopover for trading vessels plying the eastern shores of Altanis. Eight miles upriver on the River Thrace lie the ancient ruins of a fallen Ghinoran city, Thracia, haunted by degenerate savages who occasionally threaten Selatine, but have also come to trade. Beneath Thracia are said to lie vast catacombs infested with beastmen. These catacombs frequently attract bands of adventurers. Few return, but those who do speak of great wealth and terrible dangers. In M5 4444 the Selatine shrine's golden statue of Apollo was stolen by Beastmen during a raid, but recovered by adventurers (Hakeem, Rey & co) M11 4445.
To the west of Selatine lies the Ghul-haunted Arcadian uplands of the Ghinarian Hills. To the south lies The Vale, a beautiful meadowland infested by powerful outlaw warlords who raid and oppress mercilessly the remaining Ghinoran villages and roving Altanian clans.

Rumours in Selatine
The human Deathwalkers of Thracia are losing a war against the savage Beastmen.

Selatine is well fortified; a narrow trail leads up the cliffside from the harbour to the main settlement atop the cliffs. Looking around at the fishing crews coming ashore for the night and the fishwives greeting them, you see the locals have a bronzed skin tone, distinct from the red skin of the Altanians who dominate most of these lands. The sun is setting over the high Castellan Mountains to the west as you climb the path up to the clifftop dwellings. Up at the top of the cliff a collection of rather ramshackle dwellings lie within a curtain wall; dominated by three notable ones - a shrine to Mitra-Apollo, a small nobles' villa, and a tavern/inn, from which comes the sound of merriment. The villa walls seems oddly-angled, as if constructed by creatures whose perception extended beyond normal space-time...

Vex Villa: The architecture seems strange, the angles not quite right, as if built by a subtly inhuman hand. Beyond the slightly crooked doorway you see a passage, not of the ivory coloured stone that coats the exterior of the villa, but of a silvery metal... Jana leads Lance down a crumbling flight of stone stairs, clearly very old. Dick's hobbit nose picks up a delicious aroma wafting from the rear of the villa...Lance follows the shapely young priestess down another metal corridor, this one lit by a soft ambient glow, to a chamber of grey tiles, metal and glass, water-nozzles set high above. Dick sneaks into a well-appointed cosy kitchen, hung with dry meats, onions and herbs. A very fat, black-haired woman cook of forty or so with a slight wispy moustache is stirring a great cauldron of stew, while bread bakes in the oven behind her.

Hytirus Vex, the Lord of Selatine
Selatine Characters


Lord Hytirus Vex: b.4419, lean, battle-scarred warrior. Wears bronze plate with shield and sword. A keen warrior, regarded as a Hero by his people. Hot-tempered. It's said that the Vex Family have ruled Selatine since Vex the Hero defended the settlement against a Gnoll warband during the tail end of the Gnoll Times, after the Fall of Nerath (ca 4198 BCCC). The Gnolls were eventually scattered and largely driven from the Ghinarian Hills by Vex and other Ghinarian heroes. 
Lord Hytirus Vex supports Vilius of Theber's plan to unite the Ghinarian lords against Yusan. Recently he has been accompanied by the Nerathi priestess Chelarre Foxwood, and they are widely rumoured to be lovers. Lord Vex has a small sailing ship, the Arcadia (10 crew, 50 tons cargo) which he uses mostly for short coastal trips north to Verius and Talholm. It is not very fast, typically 45 miles/day (3 hexes) under sail, but unlike most of the local fishing boats it is seaworthy, and can go beyond sight of land. The crew are recruits from the local fishermen; the ship itself is often used to fish for Vex's table. Senior sailor Janu is a dour sort, competent enough for coastal navigation but not for long ocean voyages. Lord Vex relies on Happy Iocunnu for more extended navigation. 
Lord Vex does not maintain a harem, but has been known to dally with the prettier Villa serving slaves, notably one by the name of Maria Torelli, an Outworlder purchased from Oriax's orcs in 4445. It is said that Lord Hytirus will soon choose a wife.

Jana Vex: b.4422, sister of Lord Hytirus, a nubile Priestess of Apollo-Mitra. Exiled 9/10/4444 for copulating with Captain Lance Harcourt in the Vex Villa shower room (he took her virginity as well as her honour). She returned a year and a day later, 10/10/4445 sans Lance (RIP), but older and wiser. She claims to have been transported to another world and to have had many adventures there; few believe her. Jana Vex is a Cleric, trained at the Crypt of Belaras, with some spellcasting ability (2nd level spells).
25/12/4445: Jana seems much smitten with the handsome sea captain Eldam Alamsorof Rallu.
15/1/4446: News reached Ahyf that Oriax the Lecherous has taken Jana for a pony-girl as reprisal for the death of his Orcs.
M2 4446: Rescued from Oriax, Jana Vex accompanies Hakeem, Rey & Bjornalf west...

Macreus, de-stasised Curate of Casualty within the Purveyors of Mortality: This death priest of Thanatos from a time long ago (900+ years?) was brought as a prisoner from Thracia to Selatine, 6/12/4445 BCCC and put in the cells below the villa, there interrogated by the Nerathi Priestess Chelarre Foxwood. He is a lean, middle-aged man with a tanned complexion and short dark hair. (Caverns of Thracia pg 28).

Weaponmaster Balthus: grizzled greybeard veteran warrior, b.4390, heads Lord Vex's ten-strong warband. In M6 4444 BCCC Weaponmaster Balthus distinguished himself in the aftermath of the raid when the Beastmen of Thracia stole the Golden Statue of Apollo, personally slaying two Gnolls and rescuing a kidnapped Selatine maiden, Iris, before the monsters could carry her back to their lair. They subsequently married, as of M12 4445 BCCC Iris is now expecting their first child. Balthus does not have a high opinion of Priestess Chelarre, or of the Neo-Nerathi in general.
M6 4444 BCCC: Balthus rescues Iris.

Polyachus: gangly acne’d youth b.4429, Novitiate of Apollo, a Cleric with minor (1st) spellcasting ability. Headed the Shrine of Mitra-Apollo during the exile of Jana Vex M10 4444-M10 4445. 12/1/4446 Polyachus met and totally fell for escaped Oriax slave girl & Outworld Druidess Cassandra Starling, of the Little Aimswick Starlings. And that night he became a man... Even the acne seems to be clearing up, now. 
M2 4446: Polyachus & Cassandra sent to Isle of Ogigian by Bjornalf - see below.

Calyakka the Cook: b.4402, fat, black-haired woman, wispy moustache. Cook at Vex Villa.

Lord Reynard (PC): Joined Lord Vex's warband as a Knight of Selatine. Has a 6-room renovated town house for himself and his slaves,with fitted carpet and hot running water, presumably the same sorcery that powers Vex Villa.
Rey's Slaves:
1. Alicia Scarnetti: Bewildered outworlder acquired by Lord Reynard, 26/11/4445. Wild Mage.

2. Lucy Prentice: another outworld slave, acquired by Lord Reynard from Oriax the Horned Wizard on 29/11/4445.
3. Cirella of Rallu: a nubile former serving wench at Redeye Inn until purchased by Rey 8/12/4445. Once a high-born lady of Rallu's House Whitehawk, after the death of her father Octavius she was sold into slavery by her wicked stepmother and three ugly step-sisters. Dreams of a prince charming who will rescue her. Rey does a passable imitation.  The sale of Beverly to Kogor 2/12/4445 left Cirella as the only slave wench at the Inn, leaving her quite literally run off her feet, and she was glad to be acquired by the charming Lord Reynard.
4. & 5. Annabel Ivy Striker, ex of Yggsburgh.

Hakeem Greywolf (PC): mighty-thewed Altanian resident at the Redeye Inn.
10/1/4446: Hakeem completed construction of a small Shrine to Bondor in Selatine, incorporating three Altanian greatswords taken from defeated Hobgoblin knights beneath St Ulther's Shrine.
Malenn of Mitra's Shieldhall, wife of Hakeem Greywolf: This beautiful blonde Paladin 
was searching for Deodanth the Skandik, her lost love, and still dreams of liberating her western homeland from the Red Reavers. She was found, nude and bedraggled, on a desert shore of the 'Isle of Dread' - she claims she was shipwrecked while travelling south from the CSIO - and was captured by the pirate queen Tsamar of Ahyf, who sold her to Aldo Redeye as a serving wench. She was seeking to free and reequip herself to continue her quest, also looking out for a promising adventuring party to join - greatly admiring of the mighty barbarian Hakeem (must be the size of his greatsword). Aldo wanted 300gp to sell her. 27/11/4445: At Jana Vex's advice, Lord Vex rewarded Hakeem Greywolf for his heroism against the undead of St Ulther's Crypt by acquiring Malenn from Aldo and gifting her to Hakeem, who promptly secured her freedom. Malenn's paladin skills are swiftly returning.
16/1/4446: Malenn is pregnant! And actually from an Alternate Dimension! 
17/1/46: And married - to Hakeem! :) 

Bjornalf Brighteyes (PC): Skandik Sailor-Warlock, he has a modest but comfortable house behind Vex Villa, tended by his housekeeper Opa, the sister of Scalpy Jack.  Housekeeper cost is 75gp/year (3gp hiring & equipping, 6gp/month). Opa is a stout, phlegmatic woman in her 60s, happy to cook Bjornalf good chicken broth. She disapproves of all the harems and concubines these days, and remembers fondly the old days before Oriax the Goat and his slavegirl-gathering magic mirror.
Lord Vex has recently been employing Bjornalf as captain of the Arcadia.
25/12/4445: Just before midnight Bjornalf was gifted the handmaidAlli by Lady Lucretia of Rallu in thanks for his part in her rescue from Tsamar. On 17/1/46 Alli gained the power of healing from the Chalice of Belaras.
10/1/4446: Bjornalf completed construction of a small shrine to the Arch-fey, the Queen of Ocean, who the Ghinorans call Electra.

Kradis (PC): Altanian barbarian, resident at Redeye Inn. The Innkeeper's wife Serani shows quite a liking for him.
Osgar (PC): Tharbo-Skand bowman of the Skandik Shore, he has served Lord Vex as a scout and archer.


Aldo Redeye, Innkeeper at Selatine
Aldo Redeye: b.4396, Alryan owner of the 
Redeye Inn, which caters mostly to local fishermen, merchants and sailors. It has a shared bathroom with hot water. Originally from the CSIO where his brother runs the Silver Eel, a famous Inn. He settled in Selatine in 4441 and married a local girl, Esvett, but she was carried off in a Beastman raid in 4442. Aldo soon replaced her with a slave girl, Serani, marrying Serani in M6 4445.

Redeye Serving Girls

1. Serani Redeye: b.4423, the shapely second wife of Aldo is a raven-haired Altanian, chief serving girl at the Redeye Inn. Good natured and popular with patrons, she gets a lot of male attention. Originally of the Red Tiger clan in Oricha to the south, she was captured by the Pirates of Koradin in 4442 BCCC, who sold her to Aldo Redeye at the Selatine wharf market. Aldo bought Serani a nice blue silk dress, but she often prepares to go topless in typical Altanian fashion. Lord Reynard later bought the dress for his slave Alicia Scarnetti.
Serani seems to like the Altanian warrior Kradis a lot.

2. Alauna, Iocunnu's Daughter
(4425-). After selling the slave wench Beverly to Kogor of Kolda 2/12/4445, Aldo was forced to employ actual paid labour in the bar, and hired Alauna, the buxom daughter of fisherman tavern regular 'Happy' Iocunnu - for Alauna it certainly beats a life gutting fish. Noted for her big jugs... of beer, Iocunnu keeps a paternal eye on his cheerful daughter in case flirtation with patrons should develop into something more. Alauna typically wears an Alryan-style corset & dress as seen in the Northlands; Aldo is apparently going for something of a 'sophisticated City State theme' at the Redeye Inn these days.  

Redeye Serving  Slaves:

3. Aole, former princess of Neria.
4. Candice Wright, former heiress of Yggsburgh.

Kogor of Kolda
Kogor of Kolda Hold.
This veteran dwarven adventurer and sometime mercenary hails from the dwarf hold of Kolda in the Castellan mountains. He is a fierce fighter and enthusiastic wencher, but also surprisingly erudite, and has made a study of the ancient city of Thracia as part of his plan to loot the ruins. He is more the fierce and jovial type of dwarf than his more common reserved kinfolk. Kogor prefers to avoid the village of Theber, due to his seduction of Princess Opa Theber. When the affair was uncovered (M8 4444) Kogor escaped, knocking two men unconscious on the way. Opa was then gifted by Lord Vilius to Lord Tarcon of Trade as concubine.
28/11/4445 BCCC: Kogor returns from exploring the northeastern ruins of Thracia, having battled giant rats and a zombie Deathwalker, with 
news that the Deathwalkers' surface holdings have been overrun by the Beastmen, all is slaughter and death.
2/12/4445: During a week long drunken bender following the recovery of the Statue of Apollo, Kogor blows half his reward (100gp) on buying the slave wench Beverly McFadden from Aldo Redeye. 
"She may not be a great cook, but she has other attractions... I like a more experienced girl. And she can always carry a torch."
M1 4446 BCC: Kogor has bought and is refurbishing a small house in Selatine with the proceeds of his delvings. He is looking to acquire more slave girls for his new property.

Beverly, slave of Kogor.
Beverly McFadden, slave of Kogor: Former ship's doctor on the space cruiser USNC 'Enterprise' in the year 2287 until seized from her cabin by Oriax; oldest & cheapest of the 12 naked slavegirls brought by three Orcs to Selatine, after Hakeem killed their leader. This red-haired slave wench was bought 16/11/4445 by Aldo as another serving girl for the Redeye Inn, mostly to attend to the kitchen, where she has proved an indifferent chef, even burning the porridge - spurring even the normally phlegmatic Aldo to engage in a little light spanking of her posterior. 
As of 1/12/4445 Aldo had taken her off kitchen duties and assigned her to entertain high-spending guests, selling her 2/12 to the dwarf adventurer Kogor for 100gp and making a tidy profit on the deal. Kogor branded her with a small K on her thigh. He keeps her nude, with a collar, nipple tassles and silver jewelry in the fashion of Kolda. She'll dance on the tables when inebriated.

Orph the Bard
Orph the Bard: This wandering minstrel bard is currently (M1 4446) playing at the Redeye Inn. His guitar music can get the wenches dancing on the tables in next to no time. Orph likes wine, women, song and (especially) gold.

'Scalpy' Jack: This old farmer was the lone survivor of an expedition into the caverns beneath Thracia years ago. He returned with the left side of his scalp missing. He can be found propping up the bar at the Redeye Inn, and is the source of many rumours and wild tales about Thracia and beyond. M12 4445 Bjornalf took a housekeeper, Scalpy Jack's sister Opa:
"She can cook and clean, and she's been at a loose end since her husband died, and the kids all growed up."

'Happy' Iocunnu: This cheerful veteran fisherman has a huge white beard. He is often to be found propping up the bar at the Redeye Inn with ale in hand and a serving wench on his lap, telling tall tales of the sea - lost pirate treasures, enchanting mermaids, terrible sea monsters - most of which are true. Father of the barmaid Alauna and numerous other daughters and sons by several women (not all in Selatine), Happy is currently happily single.
16/1/4446: Happy confessed to Bjornalf his last wife left him 10 years ago and he dreamt of marrying again, possibly acquiring & marrying bar wench Candice Wright from the Redeye Inn. Happy has a keen appreciation of her big jugs... not of beer.
At the docks the last of the fishing boats are secured for the night. Happy escorts Bjornalf up the cliff steps and to his cramped hovel, where he digs up some rusty lockpicks from under a pile of ancient miscellenaea, lobster-shaped tankards and weird statuary from faraway lands.

Max the Shephound
Aya the Shepherdess, much taken with Hakeem, and her dog Max. Accompanied Hakeem & Tor, then Hakeem & Rey, to the Caverns of Thracia. A good shot with her sling. Rewarded with 200gp 29/11/4445 for her part in rescuing the Statue of Apollo from the Beastmen, Aya is now among the richer sheep-owners in Selatine. Aya's less adventurous friend, cousin & workmate is called Vatta.


Fion Cormarrin, Grey Mage of Neo-Nerath.
Nerathi Soldiers

Black Sun Sigil of Restored Nerath


Little is known of the Kingdom ofRestored Nerath, west beyond the Castellan Mountains, but it is said to be ruled by Necromancers who are no friends of the Altanian Barbarians. Their emissary in the east isChelarre Foxwood, a Nerathi aristocrat from Bisgen who is also a priestess of Erathis, the Nerathi goddess of Civilisation, called Athena by the Ghinorans. Chelarre favours either a low cut white silk dress or merely loincloth and stockings, silver Sun-Wheel pendant, a red cloak clasped at the throat, and light jewelry that accentuates her fair Alryan complexion, carefully maintained through minor sorcery. Some say she is not above using feminine wiles to co-opt the Nerathi and Ghinarian lords to her cause. Chelarre is accompanied by an honour guard of four Nerathi soldiers equipped with chainmail, helm, spear, sword and shield, and by her fat old serving-maid, Tayva.
23/11/4445: Hytirus Vex returned to Selatine in Chelarre's company. They are said to be lovers.
From 'Southlands Campaign': Lady Chelarre Foxwood (4409-) is a female aristocrat, an only child.  She is holder of the Foxwood title, and cousin to Lord Halvath Cormarrin (RIP 4434).  In 4434 she was rescued from an attack by Shadar’s Brigands on the road by the adventurers Saryth & Megaera. Following the deaths of Lord Halvath & Meg Cormarrin at Varek's hands, Lady Chelarre took the three young Cormarrin children into her care: Halvath (4423-), Fion (4425-), and Lucan (4427-).
Cormarrin, Captain of Nerath, Commander of the Three Hundred.
In 4446 BCCC Chelarre is Emissary of Nerath east of the Castellan Mountains. Halvath is the youngest Prince of Nerath, while Lady Fion has become a promising Grey Mage, and Lucan is a cavalry officer in the Cormarrin tradition. None have forgotten the murder of their mother by the Altanian Varek Tigerclaw, or his slaying of their father the next day.

Usually Not in Selatine

Kane, with sword and throwing blades.
Kane, the Last Avenger
This mysterious warrior-monk stalks the southern Ghinarian Hills, even into the Vale, and is said to have killed a score of Yusan's raiders. His weather-stained gear bears the eagle sigil of Fallen Nerath and the crested wave sigil of Melora, once the Nerathi Goddess of Ocean, known now by other names - the Ghinorans call her Electra.
Kane is a highly skilled scout, known to act on occasion for Lord Vex of Selatine and the other Ghinarian Lords who still oppose Yusan, bringing word of troop movements and other events, but he seems to act largely on his own whim.

Captain Orson 'the Northron': This fabled Skandik sea-captain is a great hairy black-bearded cheerful brute of a man - in his early 40s now, his beard is greying. He fights naked but for his loinclout and the deadly enchanted trident he wields, and has never been defeated. For many years now Orson has plyed the waters of the Pazidan Coast from the CSIO south to Oricha, fighting off pirates and returning with wealth to the City State. His current ship (he has lost a few, to storm, gambling, sea monsters et al) is the small merchantman Buxom Wench, replacing Coral Mouth Kate which he lost in an unfortunate gambling match 6 months ago (M5 4445). The ship has a total crew of 14 men including himself.
16/11/4445 - bought 11 slave girls at the Selatine market from Orc minions of Oriax.
23/11/4445 - Buxom Wench departed Selatine, northward bound.

Deacon Borgus: Fat, bald pate, grey robes - leader of the six pilgrims of Apollo-Mitra driven from the Shrine-Catacombs of St Ulther the Lighthousekeeper by nasty goblins. Has a Rallu accent. One of his pilgrims, Brother Mikhel, was killed by the Undead in the Crypt of St Ulther on their second visit. Left Selatine 26/11/4445 on the good ship Tsamar's Jewel...
M1 4446: Borgus and his four surviving fellow pilgrims were encountered working as farm slaves on a plantation just west of Ahyf.

Oriax the Goat, the Horned Wizard
Light Tower of Oriax
Joseph the Apprentice
Oriax the Goat, the Horned Wizard: Oriax is a powerful Chaotic Archmage, said to be of Satyr ancestry, who dwells in a functioning light-house tower of the Ancients on the craggy coast some ten miles south-west of Selatine. He took control of the old Lighthouse in 4414 BCCC, displacing its prior wizard occupant. Oriax is said to have a substantial harem, and to drive an enchanted chariot pulled by slaves that travels as fast as any pulled by horse. Oriax's tower is rumoured to be of Markab manufacture, and to hold a magic mirror through which he can travel in glamered form to seize new slaves and other treasures from across many worlds and times. Those captives who displease him are sent to labour in the opal mines beneath his tower under the whips of cruel Orc overseers, sent north to be sold at the wharf market in Selatine, or gifted to the Altanian brigand-lord Yusan of the Citadel of Water to the south. Still it's rumoured that Yusan would dearly like to seize the sorcerous mirror for himself. In 4445 Lord Oriax has recently took on a talented human apprentice, Joseph (age 18 1/1/4446). Joseph has 5 slaves (ages 18x3, 23 & 30) taken from his own home world and now used as his ponies and playthings.

Oriax it's said has a vast harem, the most beautiful women of many worlds - those he tires of are sold at market or sent to the mines beneath his spire.

Lord Kaldrac of Verius, with concubine Jane of Boston.
A fishing village north of Selatine. Ruled by sturdy LordKaldrac of Verius, the noble warrior Maldaris his brother. Kaldrac is unmarried but with healthy appetites, and maintains a stable of three concubines (Jane, Cheryle, Francine), all Outworld 'lawspeakers' brought here by Oriax the Goat from a steam room in Boston, Earth. They can often be seen lounging naked and chained to his throne as he receives guests. Lord Hytirus Vex of Selatine had considered marrying his sister Jana to Lord Kaldrac, and thus forging a firm alliance with Verius. These plans came to naught in M10 4444 BCCC when Jana was found being deflowered by a rogue adventurer by name of Lance Harcourt, in the Vex Villa shower chamber.  
Lord Kaldrac's sister the fair Helena is married to Lord Usarus of Talholm, and the two lords are closely allied.

Lord Usarus of Talholm
Helena of Verius, wife of Lord Usarus.
A Ghinarian village known for its tall cedar trees, which make excellent ships. Boat-building is the major industry here, Usarus is Lord of Talholm. A cautious man and excellent administrator and sailor, he maintains good relations with all his neighbours. Usarus' galleyWarsprite is said to be the fastest ship on the Ghinarian coast.
Usarus' demure and virtuous wife Helena is the sister of Lord Kaldrac of Verius. They have one son (4444-), named Hytirus after Usarus' friend the Lord of Selatine. He has no concubines, and is said to have forsaken all women but Helena.

The original Antillian trading post in these parts, founded in the aftermath of the Gnoll Times ca 4250 BCCC. Today most Antillian ships today dock at Ahyf, and today the village is something of a backwater. However it retains an excellent deepwater harbour, and there is an active shrine of Shang-Ta tended by an old Antillian priest Justaron Corv (3rd level rituals). The population today is mostly of mixed Antillian-Ghinarian ancestry, with some Altanian and a few Alryan.
Lord Tarcon of Trade.
Tarcon is Lord of Trade. Reputed to be a good warrior and just leader, he has strained relations with Ahyf, which seeks to dominate his small realm, but is close allies with Kren's Cairn and friendly with Lord Vilius of Theber, also a distant cousin on his mother's side. Trade maintains the old Antillian customs, women here are little more than chattel slaves who serve at the will of Men. Tarcon is unmarried, but his first concubine is Lord Vilius Theber's wilful third daughter Princess Opa, gifted to him M8 4444 to secure Trade's membership in the nascent Lord's Alliance after being found in bed with the dwarf adventurer Kogor of Kolda. Tarcon has no children yet, and grows displeased with Opa.
The merchant-pirate Tsamar of Ahyf is rumoured to be Lord Tarcon's own renegade sister.

Aeschela. ex-Lady of Bratanis, now slave.

Ruggio, leader of the Bratanis warband, now Lord.
Bratanis (hex 3431) is a stockaded Ghinoran village of some 291 population (in 4446), on the Old Road that leads north to Ahyf and Kren's Cairn, south to the Vale. Bratanis is situated on a low rise overlooking the valley of the Thrace River. An ancient stone bridge crosses the river here. West from Bratanis the old Pilgrims' Trail runs towards the Sky God Idol, and thence on to the Temple-Tomb of Belaras.
The settlement is ruled by the shapely Lady Aeschela Bratanis, cousin to the Vexes of Selatine. She is unmarried. Aeschela became Lady of Bratanis following the death of her father Aeschus from wounds sustained in battle with Yusan's raiders; Aeschela's mother Alma Vex (Jana Vex's aunt) died years ago. Aeschela's only surviving sibling, her younger sisterThuvia, had married the son of the Lord of Kalmisj in 4442, but was taken in 4443 by the Warlord Yusan for his harem when he conquered that village.
The lean warrior Weaponmaster Ruggio is her war-leader, commanding a half dozen armoured warriors. It's said she rejected his suit to marry her and become lord of Bratanis. Iglaruis is her elderly steward/factotum/vizier,  he was half-choked by the rogue Kal.
Lady Aeschela rules Bratanis from her well-appointed long house with dining hall, guest chambers and bathroom. Adjacent is her stable, with half a dozen horses, behind which is an 8' deep stone-faced slave pit with rings.  Nearby the small Bratanis Inn is the local drinking den and accommodates travellers who don't stay at the longhouse. The Innkeep is Mako, an odd-
looking Halfling ex-adventurer originally from exotic Karak far to the east. Mako's pet wolfFang keeps order very well. Mako found him as a cub in the Irsimunal forest of the far north, his mother slain by an arrow.
Mako is assisted by his buxom and sweet-natured human serving maid Ellen
a local girl from a poor family (from 11/10/4444 has a 150gp ruby from Kal). Ellen has several brothers, the oldest is Joran. Her father is long dead, her mother Alceesa is old and bedridden.
Eberus the Wise: elderly priest of Zeus (1st level rituals inc Augury). Eberus is the last surviving monk of the Academy of Zeus Skyfather, he was only an initiate when it was abandoned forty years ago (4404). He tends the shrine of Zeus and the associated covered crematorium, looking over Bratanis' village green.
Peiron is Bratanis' blacksmith. He is a big, black-bearded Ghinoran man.
Mako and Fang. "The pitta bread and humus! Always the humus!"

West from Bratanis, the old Pilgrims' Trail leads 12 miles through the hills to the ancient Sky God Idol atop a hill, said to be a winged depiction of Zeus. Hundreds of feet high, the weathered, winged idol can be seen looming against the skyline from as far away as Bratanis. The ruin of the old monastery-academy of Zeus Skyfather overlooking the Pilgrims' Trail lies at the foot of the Sky God Idol's hill. It's said to have recently become infested with Goblins.
Another 24 miles west along the Pilgrims' Trail is the Tomb of Belaras, Temple-Crypt of this Ghinoran Saint of Apollo-Mitra, which serves as a testing ground for would-be Mitra priests and holy warriors, still tended by a small cadre of priests.
Aeschela is secretly paying tribute to Warlord Yusan, who holds her sister Thuvia, in defiance of the Lords' Alliance to oppose him!
M2 4446: Bratanis has been troubled by hobgoblin raiders. The barbarian Eardvulf slew a dozen of them in hill ruins four miles east of Bratanis.
6/2/4446: Ruggio has overthrown Aeschela and made himself Lord of Bratanis! He keeps her naked and chained at his feet! He plans to join the Lords' Alliance.

Lord Vilius of Theber

Theber (Hex 4531): pop 450. Theber is a good-sized Ghinoran village on the Old Road, ruled by the elderly Lord Vilius of Theber. He has six daughters and no sons, the eldest three daughters are already married off - to men of Trade (#3 Princess Opa, gifted as concubine to Lord Tarcon in M8 4444), of Kren's Cairn (Princess #2 Murika, to Weaponmaster Odense), or of Lord Vilius' own warband (Princess #1 Viana, to Weaponmaster Malthis, formerly of Kren's Cairn); the eldest two Viana & Murika  now stout matrons with families of their own. 
A man of peace and scholarship by inclination, Vilius reveres Mitra-Apollo, and seeks to keep his village free of Yusan's domination and the many brigands that infest the Ghinoran Hills. He maintains good relations with neighouring domains such as the rising power of Kren's Cairn to the north-east, with Verius port to the south-east, and with Bratanis on the Old Road, 20 miles  to the south-west.
Lord Vilius' senior son-in-law and leader of his warband is Weaponmaster Malthis of Tula (muscular, greying beard, bronzed complexion, bronze plate armour), a thoughtful warrior, formerly one of Krens's men. 
Lord Vilius is attempting to forge a Lords' Alliance against the Warlord Yusan. He is supported by Lord Krens of Krens Cairn, Lord Kaldrac of Verius, Lord Usaraus of Talholm, Lord Tarcon of Trade, and Lord Hytirus Vex of Selatine. Lady Aeschela of Bratanis is so far non-committal, perhaps fearing to renew open war with Yusan, as is Ayhf Town, which despite brigand raids so far prefers to remain neutral - Ayhf does considerable profitable sea trade with Yusan through sea merchants such as the notorious Tsamar, even supplying his men with steel weapons and bronze armour from Hara. In M11 4445 Lord Vilius sent his emissary Lord Reynard Mercellin of Mysk (PC) to Bratanis to seek Aeschela's commitment to the Alliance and perhaps get him away from his three remaining unmarried daughters (Princesses #4 Doria, #5 Cassia & #6 Peony), Vilius being keen to marry off the three princesses with their virtue intact! None of them wish to suffer the fate of their elder sister Opa, who in 4444 dishonoured the House by consorting with the dwarf adventurer Kogor of Kolda, and was consequently punished by being gifted as concubine to Lord Tarcon of Trade.
Princess Doria is particularly intelligent, and has been seeking to learn the ways of Wizardry from Lord Krens of Krens' Cairn - if she also has a romantic intention, Lord Krens appears oblivious. It's said Lord Vilius would like Princess Cassia to marry soon, perhaps to Lord Kaldrac of Verius - she is apparently not particularly keen on the idea. 11-12/1/4446 Princess Cassia slept with Rey in his guest room at Lord Theber's hall - hopefully unobserved by others. It was not her first time.
12/1/46: Vilius discussed with Rey the possibility of Rey wedding Cassia. Rey suggested Peony would be a good match for Kaladrac of Verius. Vilius agreed - neither K or P being 'too intellectual'.
Princess Doria
Princess Cassia
Princess Peony


KRENS' CAIRN (pop. 468): In  4431 BCCC the Laughing Spray out of Tula shipwrecked here.
Lord Krens of Krens' Cairn
The survivors under the then-apprentice wizard Krens, now a powerful mage (5th level wizard spells) built a stone hold for their shelter, a year later making contact with Ahyf town to the west. Two thirds of the crew opted to remain at the Cairn, which has since grown into a thriving keep and small township under Lord Krens' leadership. Over the years several more shipwrecked crews have been rescued, adding to the growing population. Krens' Cairn is still short of women, and is a good destination market for female slaves. Krens himself is unmarried, and has shown little interest in women, despite the best efforts of Lord Vilius Theber's daughter Princess Doria, who with her father's permission has been studying magic with him at the Cairn (4445-). Some say Krens prefers the company of men. 
Krens is aided by Weaponmaster Odense Ap Wyn, a rugged and jovial Altanian warrior who command the hold's militia. Odense is married to the stout and similarly jovial Princess Murika, the second daughter of Lord Vilius of Theber; they have three children (f,m,m).

Warlord Yusan, with the Lady Thuvia Bratanis 4443 BCCC.

The Citadel of Water/Yusan's Den (hex 3233, pop. 185+, with over 100 warriors)

Just south of the Ghinarian Hills, the ancient and holy fortress known as the Citadel of Water is now ruled by the black-hearted warlordYusan, an exiled Sword Knight of Altanis and leader of the most powerful marauder band in the Vale. Once an honoured leader among the Altanians, Yusan is said to have once been the lover of the Amazon Queen Khelara of Highhaven (ca 4426-7 BCCC). But in 4431 he raped and murdered Olana, the sacred Defender of the Altanian Red Tiger Clan in northern Oricha, when she resisted his advances. Now he and his men take what they like from the villages of the Vale and the Ghinarian hills. In 4432 Yusan took the Citadel of Water by treachery, massacring the last of the Nerathi Monks of Mellora there, and established his power base. He entirely destroyed the village of Veratur in 4434 when its lord defied him.
To the north only Selatine has so far stood firm against Yusan, driving off a major assault in 4442, though at heavy cost. In 4443 Yusan killed Amazon Queen Khelara during his first assault on Highhaven, but was driven off when the Griffon Knight Artemisia rallied the defenders. He then turned north, taking Kalmisj later that same year, killing all the menfolk of House Kalmisj and bringing Lady Thuvia Bratanis home in chains to his citadel.
Ilyra, Blue Mage of the Unseen Conclave

Yusan currently commands at least 30 elite Altanian Chosen Axe warriors, 30 Altanian Chosen Archers, and numerous lesser warriors, most either Altanian tribesmen exiled for various crimes, or Ghinoran youths taken from their villages as children and raised as sword-fodder. His Warband numbers over two hundred men in all (about 1/2 to 2/3 typically at Yusan's Den), and given time he can usually call upon several lesser brigand lords of Carchimish and the Vale. He is rumoured to have a keen interest in magic, and to have long been searching for the hidden Unseen Conclave of Illusionist Wizards somewhere in the Vale east of Carchimish. Yusan is said to have amassed considerable wealth in slave girls, gold, and magic items.
Yusan has an adult son, Prince Arak (4427-), recently come of age, and several younger children by his slave-concubines. Yusan also has a minor Altanian Sorcerer slave, Enos Snake-eyes, known for his Clairvoyant abilities and for his literal snake eyes - perhaps a sign of Orichalan ancestry.
Warlord Briaron, in Alryan Plate


Zorgun, pirate captain of the Sea Queen (both RIP), at Ahyf Harbour.

(Town) (hex 3329) Conventional; AL N; TL 3; 200 gp limit; Assets 7,800gp; Population 1,975; Mixed
(human 93% [mostly Ghinoran & Antillian, some Skandik, a few Alryan, 10% Altanian), gnomes 3%, halflings 2%, other 2%); Resources: Market. Authority Figure: Warlord Briaron, male Antillian. Important Characters: Elder Dalarmale Ghinoran (leader of the Council of Elders); Father Camus, male Alryan (Cleric of Thoth); Seroni of Onhir, female Elf merchant; Roth, Altanian slaver; Gluck Kym Goodkind, traders; Gorok, Half-Ogre owner of the Airshark Inn.
Tsamar, ex pirate.

Camus, High Priest of Thoth

The old Nerathi city of Ahyfar was sacked during the tail end of the Gnoll Times ca 4198 BCCC, but rebuilt by Antillian trader-colonists a century later ca 4300 BCCC as Ahyf. Her population remains smaller than in Imperial times, with stone ruins used as vegetable gardens, and much empty space used to herd sheep, pigs and goats. 
Today Ahyf is largely a trading town, the most cosmopolitan locale in these lands, with links north to the Skandik realms and the faraway City-State of the Invincible Overlord (CSIO), south to dragon-haunted Oricha and to Rallu, City State of the Sea Kings. Merchant ships and 
Calpurnia Cor, wife of Warlord Briaron.
pirates, the female pirate warlords Sarenethe Altanian (hex 3424) and (until 24/12/4445) Tsamar of Trade being the most famous of them, can come and barter for goods from the Ghinarian Hills and the interior of Barbarian Altanis. Tsamar's deputy Zorgun was a fierce brute who commanded her second ship, the Sea Queen. Her main ship Tsamar's Jewel was captured at Selatine 24/12/4445 and renamed Vex Gratitude.
The gnomes of Ractuan and the Alryan-Nerathi humans of Hara/Mara both ship their goods down the Cedarwade and Farhills rivers on  coastal barges to Ahyf every month for the market. Briaron (4406-) is the chosen Warlord, having been appointed by the council of elders led by Dalar. He is a no nonsense leader who maintains order in the town. Briaron is friendly with Lord Vilius of Theber, and claims to support the Lords' Alliance. 
Briaron is married since 4435 to Calpurnia Cor of Hara (4416-), the sister of Hara's former ruler, the Lady Earani Cor. Although Calpurnia is herself Nerathi she hates the racists of Neo-Nerath. Briaron also distrusts them. Calpurnia has urged Warlord Briaron to take action against Hara for the indignities suffered by her sister Earani, but the Council of Elders prefer to maintain good trade relations with the Nerathi city. Calpurnia is intelligent and a good housekeeper, she provides solid fare to guests, but has a strong temper. Calpurnia has not borne Briaron any children, and he now also has a concubine, Preola, a former lady of Rallu's Ostis family, captured by Tsamar in 4445. Briaron keeps her naked and chained; Calpurnia generally ignores her.
Rumour: The old fortune teller Magra prophesied that the slave wench Preola will one day bear Briaron a son - that's why he won't sell her!
End M1 4446 - Preola returned with the other captives.

Camus is the respected High Priest of the temple of Thoth (3rd level Cleric spells), and is often called upon to judge the law.
Seroni of Onhir is a cold-hearted female Elf trader who plies the ancient roadways of Altanis.
Seroni of Onhir, Elf Trader.
She has dealings with Oriax the Goat, the Horned Wizard, bringing him preserved foodstuffs and manufactured goods from Ahyf and Kren's Cairn, returning north with a harvest of slave girls, wives for the men of Krens' Cairn and others for the slave market at Ahyf. Seroni avoids the southern Ghinarian Hills, infested as they are with Yusan's brigands and evil folk who prefer to take rather than buy. Seroni has a well furnished villa in Ahyf town with human and halfling servants, mostly slaves. Seroni has a bitter rivalry with fellow slaver Roth, a mighty-thewed Altanian barbarian who was once her lieutenant and lover, before it's said they had a falling out when she found him in bed with an Airshark serving girl - or three.

Gorok Half-Ogre
The Airshark Inn is the largest inn in Ahyf, frequented by pirates, slavers and adventurers. It is run by Gorok Half-Ogre, aided by a bevy of nubile serving girls including recent arrival Linda Gordon, a former captive of the mad wizard Oriax. Linda is now seeking a way back to her home in Edwardian London, England in the year 1910, where she was housemaid & assistant to the eccentric scientist Professor Hugo Potsmeyer before an accident with the Transdimensional Interface Loop Inductor (TILI). Another Outworld serving girl is Callie, a blonde waitress and aspiring actress from California in the Earth year 1988. Callie is said to prefer servicing female patrons, such as the notorious Tsamar, but Gorok is training her to broaden her horizons.

Gorok is assisted by his deputy Garnoth (6'4", muscular). He also runs a fighting pit just outside the Inn, where freemen, slaves and fell beasts battle to the death for gold, the acclaim of the assembled citizenry, and the favour of Gorok's serving wenches. The current pit champion is Archermos (stocky, muscular), a grizzled ex-mercenary who fights for gold to buy his daughter out of debt slavery to Lord Namelin of Hara. He recently (12/1/46) slew the Amazon pit fighter Atalante of Highhaven, having previously killed three men with barely a scratch. 
Gorok also maintains a bevy of 'Coin Girls', cheap docks prostitutes with nose rings, sent out to service the sailors on the merchant (and pirate) ships that throng Ahyf's harbour. Gorok is said to be particularly pleased with his high-born Ralluan Coin Girls: Colete, Arani & Mala.
AROM-G14-Thracian Gladiator
Archermos the Gladiator
Ahyf Slaver & Merchandise.

Rumours in Ahyf
The elders and Briaron have difficulties with outlaw raiders from Carchimish and the Vale. They infest the Ghinarian Hills and prey often on local farmers and traders.
Some of the serving girls at the Airshark Inn were brought from other worlds by Oriax the Goat!
Tsamar captured the pleasure yacht of Lady Lucretia of Rallu - she was holding the lady as a slave!
"I spoke with the Coin Girl Atesia. She told me Tsamar sold Lucretia's six friends to the Tarantine slaver Kemal: Colete Niusen, Arani Rebius, Malla Sidenae, Preola Cilerius and Ostis Tilibon. The first three are working the docks as Gorok's Coin Girls too, now, or at the Airshark Inn. Warlord Briaron bought Preola for his harem. and the Temple of Thoth took the last one.
Warlord Sarene has been defeated in a duel near Selatine! They say it was the Barbarian, Hakeem! She is still nursing her wounds, and her injured pride.
Ostis was returned from the Temple of Thoth to Eldam Alamsor at Selatine with Weaponmaster Balthus, 15/1/4446. Garok Halfogre wants 1000gp for his three - each...
End M1 4446 - all Rallu captives freed.

The Goodkinds
Gluck Goodkind
Known as an honest merchant, the veteran Nerathi trader Gluck Goodkind is most often found in Ahyf, but travels the Ghinarian roadways with his lovely daughterKym (he's a widower). They travel in a covered goods wagon drawn by a mighty Shagpa, a kind of placid marsupial behemoth that can take a wagon through even worst days of the winter Wet Season.  
While he appears mild-mannered, Gluck is far from defenceless.
Gluck & Kym have known Rey for some time. Kym clearly likes Rey a lot, and can hold her own when it comes to flirtation. Gluck is pretty indulgent of his only daughter, allowing her a high degree of independence.

Clear Meadows

"And this will happen in the Last Days... The Stars Shall Fall From the Sky. The Old Father of the Waters Shall Rise...."

This large (pop. 600+, mostly Nerathi & Ghinarian, 15% Half-Elf) farming village lies near the coast some 15 miles west of Ahyf, on the road to Cahli and Hara/Mara on the Korm Basin. The village is vassal to Ahyf, which maintains a small garrison here to patrol the road and see that taxes are collected. The Temple of St Irig is the largest power centre here, with three Priests and several attendants.

Notables: Father Synjyn (old, bearded, kindly look), Nerathi head of the Temple of St Irig, a Nerathi warrior-saint of Mitra ca 4200 BCCC. Father Ulfic (bald, sharp)deputy priest of the Temple. Sister Tamara, junior priestess of the Temple. Captain Jeremiah, commander of the 18 10 8 strong Lord's Garrison. The old Wise Woman (name unknown). Benro the Village Madman. Jonathan is a young (14) serving boy at the Temple.
Amari Halfelven (shy, beautiful), novitiate of Mitra, and the only daughter of Fr. Synjyn, was kidnapped by the K'tulu Kult 14-15/1/46. Amari was the girl rescued 19/1/46 from the Temple of K'tulu.

According to local tales Clear Meadows was built on the site of the larger Nerathi town of Verdant Meadows, the original city having been destroyed in the 'Starfall of Demons' 500 years ago (3946 BCCC). It's said a mighty Altanian hero, the Eldritch Sword Knight known to history as Clevenus (his Nerathi name) later forged the Demonslayer sword Kalthalax from star metal taken from one of the Demon Cysts, and used it to hunt down and destroy the remaining demons.  When Clevenus died he was buried with his great sword in caves south of the ruined town. 
250 years later, the Good and Holy St Irig, 'Last Hero of Nerath', is said to have taken up the Altanian sword Kalthalax the Demon Slayer when he defended the new town of Clear Meadows against the Gnolla Ruin Horde and their demon allies at the end of the Gnoll Times in 4198 BCCC, thus largely saving Ghinaria from the devastation that befell most of the Empire of Nerath. Legend says Irig then returned the Demonslayer to Clevenus' tomb, where it sleeps still. Irig was served by a cadre of Nerathi knights, the last survivor of whom was Sir Galilee, wielder of the Holy Avenger. The venerable Sir Galilee fell ca 4250 BCCC in battle with an unknown cult, and his sword was lost.

Clear Meadows today is notable for its good pasturage, for the extensive caverns said to lie in the limestone hills just south of town, and for its large half-elven population. The lovely elf-blooded women of Clear Meadows are said to be the fairest in all Ghinaria. Recently however (since end of 4445) several disappearances of attractive females (7 as of 15/1, with the associated murders of 2 men and a crone), all free citizens, have troubled the town, and there are rumours of cult activity. The Garrison seem powerless to prevent them, and Father Synjn has been keeping a close watch over his beautiful half-elf daughter, Amari. There have also recently been concerns over the voluptuous Sister Tamara's strange and flirtatious behaviour, unbecoming of a Priestess of Mitra. 
The Rampant Lion is the largest and most frequented tavern in Clear Meadows. A nameless, three-man thieves' guild occasionally takes on a street urchin or two.  It's led by Staffol, a one-eyed thief of advanced years who wears an eye patch. The Pungent Pearl is a seafood shack on the north edge of town, towards the coast.  The southernmost farm - well-fortified Hill Farm - belongs to Barin, a middle-aged cow farmer. He has a professional appreciation for Sister Tamara's large dugs... Barin has a 19 year old redhead daughter Tammy he keeps a careful eye on, a wife, and several other children.
Update: Barin's farm was attacked by the Cultists, Tammy taken and most of the family slain. Barin himself was grievously wounded, but tended to by Sister Tamara. Tammy was killed 19/1/46 when star demons ransacked the Temple of K'tulu.

The Elves - Glevina & Thadeus
Left to seek their homeworld 19/1/46.
Glevina the Elf Mage
Thadeus the Elf Warrior
14/1/4446: Clevenus is actually an Orichalan dragon-blood Warlock - Hakeem, Bjornalf & Malenn met his undead form in his cave-tomb, he gave them Kalthalax and a wand of lightning, telling them that the cultists planned to unleash a new demon horde on the town.
15/1/4446: Amari vanished overnight, suspected taken by cultists. 'K'TULU REX MUNDI' & cult dagger found in Tamara's room, she was arrested as a suspected cultist and put in gaol below the garrison block to be interrogated. Rey, Bjornalf & co led the guards to the caves, where Glevina revealed they were cultists. Ulfic & Jeremiah were killed by Glevina & Rey in the caves.


The Shark Tooth Inn, Clear Meadows

Ghessorm Hammerhand

The Shark Tooth Inn:Clear Meadows' Inn is a large and rowdy establishment, frequented by soldiers of the garrison as well as pilgrims to the Temple and travellers of both low and higher class. The serving wench slaves tend to be blonde and buxom, which is just how the huge Altanian Innkeeper Ghessorm Hammerhandlikes it. Rumoured to have orcish blood, Ghessorm has no trouble keeping order with the pair of stone hammers he keeps behind the bar. The Inn has hot and cold running water heated by the kitchen fire and manually pumped through an ancient device. Hot baths (big enough for two) are available. Ghessorm's prices are often high and sometimes erratic. He has been known to seize pretty females in lieu of unpaid boarding debts, the enslavement legally confirmed by Captain Jeremiah & Fr. Ulfic of the Temple.
Ghessorm has six sons by three of his older slaves, who now work in the kitchens while the younger slave wenches such as Pamela Bardew (an Oriax girl from 4444), and Melissa (seized 4445 by Ghessorm for her pilgrim party's unpaid boarding debt, likes Eardvulf) serve out front. His oldest son Karrak is 15, and operates the stables with his second son Marvel, 13. 
As of M1 4446 the Lady Anna Bronze of Hara is currently staying at the Inn alone - her carriage was wrecked and drover & bodyguard slain by cultists a few miles west of town.

Lich Clevenus: "I'm sensing something... Demon Eggs, down below. Someone has been gathering them. And they're close to hatching. It's happening again..." he sighs.
Bjornalf: Ah. THAT is what those strange cultists are about.
Hakeem: "It would seem we can help each other..."
Clevenus: "...Probably your K'tulu cultists. The eggs come from the Invisible Moon. Perhaps some of them didn't hatch. Or... this is very strange..."
Bjornalf: It also explains why they gather females of childbearing age.
Clevenus: "...They are bringing them here! From the Past!"
Hakeem: "A fiendish plot. We must stop them."
Bjornalf: Those cultists are way stranger than I thought.
Clevenus nods. "Yes, females can be impregnated, to make more. It was a hard fight the first time. I needed my sword. Went through five Heroes wielding it, too! Some say the Demons are of Markab origin.... I wouldn't be surprised. The ancient enemy..."


Sceros is a medium-sized Ghinarian village of some 400, south-west of Ahyf on the trail towards the Temple-Tomb of Belaras high in the hills. Arkonos is hereditary Lord here, a veteran Ghinarian warrior known for his common sense and just rule. Sceros is normally considered vassal to Ahyf Port, but against Ahyf's wishes she maintains cordial relations with Amazon-ruled Thusia.
Lord Arkonos' wife since 4443 is the cheerful Lady Pyra, the daughter of Elder Dalar of Ahyf; they now have an infant daughter, Pilea. The gorgeous Amazon archer Atheaserves as Arkonos' scout and weaponmaster. She is rumoured to be Arkonos' daughter by an earlier tryst with the Lady Meda of Thusia.
Lord Arkonos of Sceros
Lady Pyra, wife of Arkonos


Damne, Amazon Weaponmaster
Lady Meda of Thusia
Thusia is a small, mostly Ghinarian village of some 250 souls, a rest stop on the long pilgrims' trail from Ahyf via Sceros and Thusia to the Temple-Tomb of Belaras. It is notable for being ruled by a goodly Amazon Queen, the noble LadyMeda. Meda is a Sorceress and a follower of Mycr, the Unknown God. Said to hail from an Amazon tribe of the far West in the empire of Viridistan, she has the slight greenish tint indicative of Viridian ancestry. Meda came to Thusia in 4424 BCCC when the village was dying, ravaged by raiders both human and hobgoblin, the previous Ghinarian rulers dead or fled. Meda saved Thusia from the raiders, and established her realm as a place without slavery, one where escaped slaves of all races, both male and female, could find their freedom. This makes her less than popular with the rulers of Ahyf, and with pilgrims whose slaves opt to stay in Thusia as free citizens, but so far her sorcerous powers and her cadre of Amazon warriors have deterred attack.
Today most of the population of Thusia are escaped slaves, their descendants, and those free folk who have voluntarily pledged service to the Lady. Most of the population of Thusia are thus fiercely loyal to their Lady, but the village also attracts renegades and criminals fleeing their just punishment. All are given a chance to begin again here, but any crime is dealt with vigorously, often fatally, and surviving offenders are banished, never to return.
Lady Meda's deputy and Weaponmaster since 4444 BCCC is Damne, a competent though somewhat unimaginative Amazon Paladin from Highhaven, who commands the Lady's small Amazon Guard. Like most Amazons Damne reveres Athena, but Meda has been instructing her in the teachings of Mycr, and the two have been known to debate and argue long into the night.
Thusia's population also includes a small population of civilised Ghuls, Meda provides them with body-paint that protects their transparent flesh from the burning rays of the Sun. Thusia's Inn, the Sun & Stars, is run by a very fat Ghul Innkeeper by the name of Davos Brightbones.

Mycr, The One God
Symbol: None
Typical Worshippers: monks, healers, gardeners 
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Mycr (Mi-ker), The Unknown One, is lawful good. Mycr is one of the most mysterious deities known in the Wilderlands. He has no known avatar, but exhibits great powers even over other gods. His followers (known as Mycretians) teach that he is the One True God; the others are false demons or apparitions. His followers have a very strict moral and ethical code by which they must live. His worship is centered on the five Holy Cities of the Desert Lands. Mycretians are pacifists, and will not fight except in defence, and then only with the least force necessary. Mycretians are also excellent herbalists, renowned for their skill with and knowledge of many plants and their mystical qualities. Their skill in this regard is often as much in demand as their spirit gifts of healing.

"Mycr is the One God. The entities you call the gods are either Demons of Chaos, or they are thought-manifestations upon the Crystalline Matrix of the Gaea, the World-Spirit. To the extent they are Good, it is because Mankind is Good, and has infused the Matrix with our own thoughts and belief. In this way Mitra is a Shadow, a Shadow of the Light of Mycr, the True God." 
- Lady Meda.


Citadel. Population: ca. 120, including 3 senior priests, 12 temple novitiates, ca. 15 paladins & warrior-priests in training, 30 Temple Guards, 60 servant-slaves. In addition an unknown number of monsters lurk in the Training Warrens.
Ruler: Divine - High Priest Larsonos.
Other Characters: Priest Dalcor, Priestess SaltyraAmpne, a slave girl Temple Dancer.

For centuries Paladins and Clerics of Mitra-Apollo have been trained and tested in the extensive warrens beneath the Temple-Tomb. According to legend, Belaras was a great hero-saint of Apollo ca 3500 BCCC, who led the people of Ghinaria in revolt against the death-worshipping priests of Thanatos. They overthrew the corrupt Thanatic cult that dominated the city-state of Thracia, leading to a brief resurgence of Ghinoran civilisation in a time dominated by barbarism and death. Belaras however was mortally wounded in the campaign, a blow from a morgul weapon that refused to heal. When he died his tomb high in the Ghinarian Hills became a place of pilgrimage, and eventually a place of training and testing for future heroes in the service of Mitra-Apollo.
The Temple-Tomb is also said to hold the Chalice of Belaras - enchanted by the Hero's blood, it can banish demons and undead, and heal any ill - any ill save a morgul wound. There are even legends of the Chalice raising fallen heroes from death, to fight again by Mitra's side against the forces of Darkness.
Today the senior priests at the Temple are High Priest Larsonos, his deputy Dalcor, and Saltyra, Keeper of the Chalice. There are also normally several novice Clerics & Paladins of Mitra undergoing training at any one time, plus a retinue of temple guards, lay servants, and slaves. The propensity of some slaves to run off to Thusia has been causing friction between High Priest Larsonos and the Lady Meda of Thusia.
Danger in the Testing Grounds
Ampne, a Temple Slave of Apollo-Mitra
Saltyra, Priestess of Apollo-Mitra, Keeper of the Chalice of Belaras.


Hara (aka Mara): pop. 1276. The Alryan-Nerathi town of Hara is known for its bronze works. The ruler Lord Namelin Bronze (4404-), the richest man in Hara, is now sole owner of all the bronzeworks. He is known for his ruthlessness and greed. In 4442 BCCC he overthrew the young Queen of Hara, the Brigit-Erathis nature priestess Earani Cor (4414-), with the aid of Rasgar Skarisson, a powerful Skandik mercenary. Namelin now keeps her enslaved to provide him with healing and other services. Namelin is the eldest of five children by the Lady Llanet Bronze and her first husband Ermaniric of the Keen Knife (4380-4423), three sons and two daughters. Hara maintains good relations with Ahyf (despite Lord Briaron's marriage to Earani's younger sister Calpurnia) and with Ractuan, but is rumoured to have joined with the Necromancers of the Empire of Neo-Nerath, west beyond the Castellan mountains. 

Lord Namelin Bronze of Hara

Earani Cor & her handmaids
Lady Llanet Bronze
Rasgar Skarrison of Ossary

The Lady Anna Bronze of Hara

Lady Anna Bronze (13/1/4425-): this shapely blonde Nerathi noblewoman is the half sister of Lord Namelin, the ruler of Hara, being the third daughter and sixth & youngest child of Namelin's mother, the aging Lady Llannet Bronze (4382-), still nominal head of the Bronze clan, by her second husband, Grigorus the Fair (4405-4442), who was killed in battle by Altanian Sea-Wolf raiders. On Anna's 21st birthday 13/1/46 she lit a candle at the Temple of St Irrig in Clear Meadows. On 14/1 rshe was rescued from cultists by Eardvulf the Sea-Wolf, then from a drunken Clear Meadows guard by Bjornalf at the Sharktooth Inn. She spent the night with Bjornalf.

Megaera Lorvas, Red Priestess of the Black Sun
Currently (M1 4446) Lord Namelin is being advised by Megaera Lorvas, a Neo-Nerathi Red Priestess of the Black Sun and younger sister to the infamous Necromancer Tal Lorvas, Knight Concordant of Nerath Restored, who raised Cormarrin's 300 from their graves to take Bisgen in 4434 BCCC.
Maegaera was just 16 years old in 4434 BCCC when Varek Tigerclaw's Altanian horde overran the human Nerathi militia south of Bisgen, slaughtering her father, her two older brothers, and her other male relatives. When the last line of Cormarrin's Risen Three Hundred finally drove back the Altanian Host from before the gates of Bisgen, the retreating Barbarians burned the defenceless Lorvas farm, raped Megaera, raped and murdered her mother and her two little sisters. Somehow, Megaera survived.
She does not forgive, nor forget.
Rumour: Earani Cor is pregnant with Lord Namelin's child!
Rumour: An army of Neo-Nerath is coming to Hara over the Bisituni Highlands!

(3127) Castle of the Wode

Tagoler, leader of the Rangers of the Wode
Conventional; TL 3; 100 gp limit; Assets 1,500 gp; Population 492 (124 combatant; 70 Warriors, 35 Rangers, and 15 Senior Rangers patrol the area; a small village of woodsmen and shepherds enjoy their protection); Mixed (human 90% [mostly Nerathi Alryan], dwarf 6%, halfling 2%, elf 1%, other 1%). Authority Figure: Tagoler, male Nerathi-Alryan Ranger. Important Characters: Anisa, female goodly Nerathi-Alryan druid-priestess.
Anisa the Druidess
Rangers from Hara built The Castle of the Wode 30 years ago - ca 4415-18 BCCC - using it as a base where they can train and rest. Due to their efforts, most of the region within 15-20 miles of the Castle is now largely free of gnolls and other monsters, and civilisation has been returning to these lands, with several Nerathi manors and villages recently re-established. The goodly Tagoler is chief ranger; he was loyal to Earani Cor, and is said to dislike Lord Namelin and pay him only nominal obeisance. He has rangers investigating recent attacks by Seawolf Clan raiders allied with the pirate Sarene on Hara's territory, and is searching for the location of Sarene's hidden base.
Due to the wanderlust which grips many of the rangers, Tagoler has had to rely upon woodsmen to maintain his force level. Tagoler has generally maintained good relations with the Greywolf Clan Altanians of the Midnight Goddess Hills, though there have been occasional raids on outlying manors - Tagoler's policy has been to maintain a robust defence, but pay ransom when necessary for the return of captured women.
Rumour: Tagoler has been courting the druid-priestess Anisa. Perhaps they will wed?


Sarene, Altanian Pirate Queen.
Conventional; AL N; TL 2; 100 gp limit; Assets 870 gp; Population 258 (140 Warriors, 40 Chosen Axemen, 20 Scouts and 10 Senior Scouts are the regular inhabitants; plus the slaves and servants); Mixed (human 95% [most Altanian, some mixed/Tharbrian], half-elf 3%, other 2%). Authority Figure: Sarene, female Altanian Pirate Queen. Important Characters: Coran Greywolf, male Altanian, captain of Lolene’s RevengeAmber, slave priestess of Mitra.
Coran Greywolf
Sarene, a skilled warrior and one of the most feared pirates in the region, is captain of the pirate ship Lady Spite. She has two ships under her, the other commanded by Coran, her weak and unassertive lover. The plunder and riches from her exploits has allowed her to build a castle around a small harbor on Vigil Sound. She trades regularly with the Seawolf fishermen of Ketche, and often gives them a share of her plunder, while recruiting warriors from there to serve as marines on her ships. She is wanted across the Wilderlands - in Modron, Tarsh, Tarantis, Rallu and Tula. She is nominally part of the Brotherhood of Pirates but ignores them for the most part. The location of her castle is a secret and she has killed those who stumbled across it on the landward side and refused to join her crew. Sarene is said to have a rough sense of honour and to respect strength and courage, but she has little mercy for the weak, seeing them fit only to be slaves - a category which certainly includes the Nerathi of Hara, and she has gained considerable loot in bronze and slaves from raiding Hara's outlying territories - much of this loot is typically sold at Ahyf Port, with whom she maintains good relations. Sarene keeps Amber, a captured Nerathi priestess of Mitra, as slave at the Den, providing her crews with healing and other services. Coran and Amber are said to be lovers, not something Sarene has shown any care about. Sarene allows her crews free access to captured slave women, but she herself prefers the company of men - strong men.
Rumour: Sarene possesses a Fireball scroll, taken from a slain Nerathi wizard!
Rumour: Sarene was bested in a duel near Selatine by a mighty-thewed Altanian warrior, Hakeem Greywolf by name.

Amazons of Highhaven (hex 2733, pop. 363, with ca 90 warriors, 16 adult griffons.)

Artemisia, Amazon Queen
"We may die, but we will not yield" - Highhaven Motto.
Not all inhabitants of the Vale are vicious brigands and outlaws. Among those lawful goodfolk who still resist the evil that has befallen their Arcadian land, the Amazons of Highhaven are perhaps the most notable. Highhaven is a strongly fortified cliff settlement built on the easternmost escarpments of the Castellan Mountains, notable for its Griffon eyries. It is her Griffon-riding Amazon Knights that give the young Amazon QueenArtemesia the strength to resist the warbands of Carchimish and Yusan. They have long fought the many savage Orc clans of the mountains - now they battle Men, too.
Unable to take the Amazon stronghold, the brigands have recently 
Laurana, Amazon Princess
adopted a strategy of interdiction, burning Highhaven's croplands and forcing the Griffon Knights to range far in search of food - and mates. 
Griffon Knight of Highhaven
Bricis, an Amazon Scout
War Griffon
Artemisia faces internal dissent in the form ofLaurana (b. 4427), daughter of the previous Queen Khelara, who was slain in battle by Warlord Yusan during his first assault on Highaven (4443 BCCC). Laurana believes she should rule in her turn, and has advocated a more aggressive strategy, but the Wise Elders chose Artemisia and her more defensive policy. Rumour has it that Princess Laurana is herself the Warlord Yusan's daughter, one of twins conceived by Khelara before Yusan's disgrace and exile. That would make Yusan's son Prince Arak Princess Laurana's twin brother...
Queen Artemisia is troubled by premonitions of her own death. The Spectre of Thanatos haunts her dreams.

Adventurers of the Ghinarian Hills

Elfric, Elf Mage of Renth
Miya, Dragon Samurai of Far Karak

Berk, Halfling Thief of Bisituni

Mytsh of Carchimish
Marnt of Carchimish & Princess Lyssana Koloth, his concubine.
Jolda of Carchimish, Priestess of Hamarkhis
2732CARCHIMISH (Town): Conventional; AL CE; TL 0; 200 gp limit; Assets 8,075gp; Population 1700 - 1,292 Altanian (Warriors 323); 408 Ghinarian and other, mostly slaves.
Resources: Market.
Authority Figure: Mytsh, male Altanian Wizard.
Important Characters: Marnt, male Altanian (leader of the second largest warband);Jolda, female Altanian (Priestess of Harmakhis).
For almost fifteen years now (4432-) The vale between the Ghinarian Hills and the River of Visions (Blest) has been home to some of the worst outlaws, criminals and outcasts of the Altanian tribes. Carchimish, until 4432 a thriving Ghinarian town, is the largest community in the region and now home to the three of the largest brigand warbands. Mytsh is the leader of the strongest, and dominates the others by sheer force of will. Marnt is the leader of the second and is a rival to Mytsh. He supportsJolda, the priestess of Harmakhis, and in return she uses her power to shield him from Mytsh’s magic. Marnt holds as concubine the Princess Lyssana, daughter ofKoloth, last Ghinarian king of Carchimish - after 13 years as a renegade she was finally captured in 4445. Old 'King' Koloth is believed to have escaped, though his tattered band are now little more than brigands themselves. The third of the warband leaders is Hagnol the Ruthless, a powerful killer. The three major gang leaders of Carchimish sell both Ghinarian subjects and their own kind into slavery, although few merchants trust them enough to venture here without a small army.
Hagnol the Ruthless of Carchimish
Koloth the Old, Former King of Carchimish

Minars Rapak
3624 KETCHE, CLAN HOLD OF THE SEA-WOLF: Conventional; TL 0; 100 gp limit; Assets 1,775gp; Population 568 (142 warriors); Isolated (human, 96% Altanian, 23 human slave-concubines of other races); Resources: Fish. Jungle.
Authority Figure: Chief Minars Rapak, male Altanian Berserker, leader of the Seawolf clan.
Important Characters:  Lina Rapak, wife of the Chief. Valyara Rapak, Chief's Daughter & Psychic Defender. Beklomda Mor "the Immense", (honorary) High Chief of all Altani, female Altanian Veteran. Ernsorn Blue, male Altanian Druid, member of the Eyestone Druids. Gail Skara, Ernsorn's Nerathi concubine.

Ketche is the fortified Clanhold of the powerful Sea-Wolf clan, and also hoasts the Hall of the nominal 'High Chief of all Altani', currently Beklomda Mor. Once a small Nerathi city, Ketche still boasts buildings of marble, though most of the land within the walls has been turned to gardens, farmed by the women of the Sea-Wolf and by concubine slaves.
Beyond the gardens, Ketche supports itself primarily through fishing, and hunting the surrounding jungle. The Sea Wolf also engage in occasional coastal raids against the Nerathi of Hara and the local Gnoll clans, their bitter foes. 
Valyara Rapak, Psychic Defender.
Previously they also raided the Ghinarian coasts, but in recent years Ketche has seen prosperity trading with the pirates of Sarene’s Den (3424), allied with Ahyf. Minars leads the clan of the Seawolf, and often hires out members of his clan to Sarene to act as marines for her ships. Many more Sea Wolf barbarian groups can be found in the forests and along the shores east of Vigil Sound. Beklomda Mor is the honorary high chief of the barbarians, winning her position in an honour fight after the death of the last chief. After 14 years of leisure, in 4446 she is immensely fat.
M1 4446: Chief Minars Rapak returned early from the hunt to discover both his wife Lina and eldest daughter Valyara (the clan's Psychic Defender) in bed with the clan warrior Eardvulf (PC). Eardvulf left hurriedly.
The Altanians keep a small number of slave concubines of other races (mostly Nerathi) taken on raids, although most captives are sold at market or ransomed. When not servicing the menfolk these are expected to
work in the gardens alongside the women of the clan. One notable concubine is Gail Skara, daughter of a now-deceased Nerathi noble Lord Eynjin Skara, taken with six other women on a recent (M8 4445) raid up the Fairhills river which sacked Skara manor. The Druid Ernsorn Blue claimed her for his own.
Ernsorn Blue the Druid.
The Spring Clan Moot (M4): the local Altanian clans gather annually (usually north of Nerra, near Sarene's Den) under a truce to trade, boast, feast etc; Beklomda Mor is usually there as High Chief of All Altani, and often some Sword Knights attend too; a new Sword Knight tends to be knighted at the Moot every few years after boasting sufficiently convincingly of his great deeds. It's also a time when the War Chiefs plan joint multi-clan raids against their victims... I mean their enemies... ...the wealthy Nerathi manors around Hara are always a popular target; other years they go on a Gnoll hunt to the ruins of Nerra, or even raid across Vigil Sound against the Ghinarian coast - they have not done the latter for some years though, due to the Altanian Pirate Queen Sarene's alliance with Ahyf Port.

4134 Isle of Ogigian: A large statue of Neptune pointing north over a bay at the north end of the isle is this island’s only feature. The statue is in relatively good shape, showing minimal signs of wear.
Early M2 4446 BCCC: The escaped outworld slave Druidess Cassandra Starling and her paramour the young priest of Apollo Polyachus of Selatine were sent here for their own safety by Bjornalf Brighteyes on his ship Vex Gratitude.

Castellan Mountains

2721 BISITUNI (Town): Conventional; AL N; TL 1; 200 gp limit; Assets 6,325gp; Population 1,012 (Combatant 253); Isolated (Halfling 97% [highland], Dwarf 2%, Human & other 1%); Resources: Market, Potatoes, Tobacco. Pan-Pipes. Broad-brimmed hats & ponchos.
Authority Figure: Bifolls Stalker, male halfling [highland].
Important Characters: Tyla Mistletoe, female halfling [highland] (druidess of the village); Olden Thistle male halfling [highland] (leader of the scouts).
Bisituni is a small community of the southern highland halflings that trade potatoes and llamas for tools and jewelry. Bifolls is the hetman of the village and has proven to be a good leader. Olden Thistle leads the halfling patrols in the region around the village. Bisituni’s halflings were
much more advanced in the past: a complete sewer system, monolithic stone structures and cyclopean walls are all that remain from their ancient city.

King Dorin Utagon of Kolda

2918 KOLDA (Town): Conventional; TL 4; 400gp limit; Assets 18,925gp; Population 1790 - Mountain Dwarf 1,428 (Warriors 357), Human slaves 362 (90% female);
Resources: Weapons.
Authority Figure: King Dorin Utagon, male dwarf [mountain]
Important Characters: Hanli Belisinnu, male dwarf [mountain] (Priest of Goibhnie, god of smiths); Ekli Ut Tarrek, male dwarf [mountain] (leader of theIronmasters); Hatuzon the Heedful, male dwarf [mountain] (Warlock).
Only trusted dwarves and their human slaves are allowed beyond the twin gates of Kolda. The half-underground village, along with Chacban, is one of the two forges of dwarves in the lands of Barbarian Altanis. The most prestigious school of the dwarven ironmasters is located here; the quality of weapons famed throughout the Wilderlands. The inhabitants of the town rarely leave their home, relying on their northern brethren to transport them to the markets. They mistrust humans and prefer to wear golden jewelry, even coating their armor and weapons with the same. A small number of clever but (it's said) insane dwarves worship at the Mirror of Yog, an aeons-old metal mirror showing things best left unseen. They gain Warlock powers through this act.

2209 CHACBAN (Town): Conventional; TL 4; 800 gp limit; Assets 43,100gp; Population 2000 - 1,724 dwarf [mountain] (Warriors 431), 276 human slaves (80% female).
Resources: Iron.
Authority Figure: King Frandal the Hammer, male dwarf [mountain].
Important Characters: Hanil, female dwarf [mountain] (high priestess of Rosmerta); Rimlin Asthur, male dwarf [mountain] (leader of the guild of ironmasters).
Chacban, along with Kolda, is one of the two major forges of dwarves in the lands of Barbarian Altanis. It is known as a center for dwarven mysticism and is home to a temple of the dwarven goddess Rosmerta. Hanil, the current priestess is respected for her wisdom and counsel. Chacban has the high guildhall of the Ironmasters. This is an ancient and secretive order of dwarven smiths whose lore is reputed to have created many of the dwarven artifacts and weapons of legend. Rimlin is the leader of the guild and works with the mine masters to find the highest quality ore. The dwarves of Chacban wear golden jewelry; even their weapons are usually gold plated.


Rallu, City State of the Sea Kings, is a large city at the south-eastern end of the Isle of the Blest. Once a pirate haven, she is known now as a major mercantile and trading hub.

(0404 on Silver Skein Isles Map):
City): Nonstandard; TL 8; 40,000 gp limit; Assets
85,750,000 gp; Population 35,000 (Able bodied 8,750);
Mixed (human 95% [mostly Ghinoran, some Elritorn, Amazon, and
other mixed], halfling 1%, elf 1%, dwarf 0.5% (see below),
gnome 1%, half-elf 0.5%, half-orc 0.5%, Dragonborn 0.5%);
Resources: Market.
Authority Figure: King Danstone of the Iron Fist, 22nd Sea King of Rallu, male Ghinoran.
Important Characters: General Trufo the Tall, male Ghinoran
(Commander of the Army); Lord Tgoshe Welstn Tabe, male Ghinoran (cousin, twice removed, of King Danstone, the only other legal contender for the throne); Afcohop, male Ghinoran (leader of the Assassins Guild); Jesen Reckbane, male Alryan (leader of the most infamous Thieves Guild of Rallu); Snjnom, male Skandik (elderly admiral of the fleet, currently bedridden); Moboe, male Ghinoran  (High Priest of Enlifos); Fenimone, female Ghinoran (Druidess, keeper of the city parks, follower of Beytnorn); Teporn Algor, male human (high priest of Poseidon); Samada, female Ghinoran (high priestess of Tama Hama); Almec Felstun, male Tharbrian  (owner of the ‘Southern Star’ inn, a well known smuggler retreat); Varnko Witherspell, male Dorin(?) Mage (owner of the Arcane Archive shop, ally of the Allamsor family).

Located on the tropical southern tip of the Isle of the Blest, the modern city of Rallu was founded 1,100 years ago (in 3333 BCCC) by Thellagon the Mariner and a group of travelers from the north who discovered ancient Arkhosian (ca 2450 BCCC) & Kelnoran (ca 900 BCCC) ruins in the area. In the 1,000 plus years since then, Thellagon’s descendents built up Rallu into the center of commerce on the Isle. The men of Rallu – all mighty mariners who claim descent from the ship captains of the Kingdom of Kelnore – have come to be known as the “Sea Kings,” though the captains of Tarantis might claim they are the true holders of such a title.
These Sea Kings, through careful and cautious exploration and trade with the northern powers and other local island populations, were able to bring skilled artisans and craftsmen and many goods to the city. All of this was accomplished
without any wars or submission to foreign governments, mainly due to the fact the hereditary rulers of Rallu kept the city’s exact location secret from outsiders. This secrecy lasted until the reign of Forgon the Foolish who came to power in
4217 BCCC and who revealed the location of the city to the outside world. He was assassinated by his advisors three years into his reign for this indiscretion. Over the next 10 years (known as the “Shadow Years”) the fate of the city was at
many times very bleak and war with the nearby city state of Tula was an ever present threat. These were the times when Rallu’s treasure vaults were relocated to an unknown hiding place; several wild rumors circulate about their contents and guardians (it is even whispered that King Danstone delights
in throwing important prisoners into pits full of gold coins, letting them starve on a small fortune). While not openly or heavily pursued by either side, the threat of war with Tula persists to this day. The cities test each other’s sea power
several times a year in small skirmishes.
The main business of Rallu is shipping—whether sea trade, ship building and repairing, or any other craft related to shipping. The market of the city bears goods from all over the world and sees as many visitors as any other of the city states.
The narrow streets and small plazas are always bustling with activity. Whether it is slaves, chariots, an antique crown or a rare folio, there will be someone to buy and sell it, or at least have it stolen if all else fails.
The present Lord of Rallu and 22nd hereditary monarch of the city is King Danstone of the Iron Fist, Sea King of Rallu. He assumed the throne in 4425 BCCC (on his 19th birthday) and has led his people into an age of profitable progression, rivaling that of his forefathers. Thanks to Danstone’s masterful move of doubling the navy, Rallu trades not only far and wide but also openly, even with the city states to the north. Rumors say that Danstone has made a secret arrangement with Atar the Lion, King of the City State of Tarantis, to acquire dwarven slaves as smiths and craftsmen, who are secretly brought in on vessels that put into Rallu supposedly for repairs. This rumor is supported by the fact that Danstone has recently put dwarves to work on the upkeep of the walls and structures of Rallu, which suffer terribly in the tropical weather of the Isle, and are in constant need of repairs.
Law enforcement tends to take most outsiders by surprise.
There is no local constabulary to speak of. Instead, all ‘policing’ is
done either by the army (through patrols and riot squads) or the
navy. All visitors to the city are given a strict overview of behavior
and laws upon arrival and are expected to adhere to the rules or
face the consequences, as would any permanent citizen. Failure to
agree to these terms results in ejection from the city for life. Slavery
and execution are common punishments. As everything else,
justice is a commodity for sale, whether to ignore, pursue or even kill a chosen person.
The average citizen of Rallu is a human (most likely Ghinoran) sailor or craftsman with a bit of military experience.
Thieves, thugs and other scoundrels are also common as Rallu is well known to attract and hide their kind. Rallu’s merchants such as Eldam Alamsor usually live in fortified houses with 10 to 40 hired guards each. The most ancient god of the city is Enlifos the Moon Demon, although Danstone tries to discourage his worship, and the cult is slowly dying out. Other common religions includeBeytnorn, whose druidesses live in a walled park, Poseidon, to whom a bull is sacrificed each week, and Tama Hama, Goddess of Lust, whose high priestess lives in a bejeweled palace with (it is said) one hundred eunuch guardians. Hanuman the Accursed also has a temple by the sea, but it is sealed and empty.

HOUSE ALAMSOR OF RALLU - left Selatine 7/2/4446
Eldam Alamsor of Rallu
Eldam Alamsor of Rallu, Captain of the Hale & Hearty.
A big, bearded man of Ghinoran appearance in the bright colours of Rallu comes on deck, and hails you: "Hello there!!"
...Eldam pours wine that sparkles with silver and purple wraiths - mage wine of Tula - and beckons you sit with him at the round table.
..."I am unmarried, as it happens. I had a fiancee once... but the yellow sickness took her. The priests could do nothing."
This merchant prince of Rallu, City State of the Sea Kings, captains a large merchantman - normally plying the trade routes east to the Silver Skein Isles and south to Tula, but recently (M12 4445) he was searching for the pirate Tsamar, who held his cousin the Lady Lucretia. His resources include 44 of an original fifty well-equipped Red Sash Company Marines of Rallu under Master Serjeant Olex (bald, scarred, grim, laconic), and the venerable fireball-wielding Dorin Mage Varnko Witherspell, an ally of House Alamsor.
The Hale & Hearty: Crew 20, 100 tons cargo, AC 15, hp 300/DT 15, typically 75 miles/day (5 hexes) under sail.
Rallu: pg 391 WOHF bk 2.
24/12/4445 BCCC: Eldam captured Tsamar, massacred her crews, rescued his cousin Lady Lucretia (with help from Hakeem & Malenn) and her handmaid Alli. The Dorin Mage Varnko fireballed the Sea Queen, while Tsamar's Jewel was captured. After a night of drinking, Eldam & Lord Hytirus Vex decided to give the ship to Bjornalf 25/12/4445.
25/12/4445: Eldam has decided to stay in Selatine awhile. Jana Vex seems much smitten with him. Eldam told Rey that he maintains a harem in Rallu, like all proper Rallu noblemen, but personally dislikes the slave trade. He mentions the new religion of Mycr, and its opposition to slavery.
Ralluan Marine
Eldam's Red Sash Marines gained much loot from the slaughter of Tsamar's men; Eldam was generous in distribution of the captured booty from the pirate ships, and they were happy to stay in Selatine, carousing with the tavern wenches, spending freely, and drinking much Ghinarian ale and ouzo.

5/2/46: Following recovery of the captured Ralluan women from Ahyf, Eldam Alamsor & co are preparing to leave Selatine.


Ancient Empires of Altanis - Boundaries

Empire of Nerath (ca 3700-4197 BCCC): Founded by exiled Alryan nobles from the City State of the Invincible Overlord.  Northern boundary at the River Greyrush & Lake of Temple Deeps, extending south over the Ghinarian hills and northern Oricha/Arkhosia.

Bael Turathi ‘Empire of Glorious Doomfire’ (ca 900?-2450 BCCC) – Turath was originally founded by Ghinoran colonists who interbred with the indigenous Altani, but their growing empire fell under the control of human but dragon-blooded 'dragon lords', who eventually carved out a powerful sorcerous state from the decaying empire of Kelnore. Brought the horned Demonbrood ("Tieflings") as servitors from the Demon Empires of the far south, and this strain over centuries became a dominant aristocracy within the empire. At times included the Roglaras (resettling what are now the CSIO and Modron) and Isles of Pokrantil, but generally northern limits were Battleplain Gwalion in the NW, Plain of Cairns and Sea Rune in the NE.  Southern borders were the Ghinarian Hills (Thracia) (at times extending over the Vale to the River of Visions) and the dismal swamps SW of the Castellan Mountains. The empire was destroyed in war with Arkhosia by the backlash from the Rain of Colourless Fire which annihilated Bael Turath, then by the subsequent Altanian slave uprising led by Bondorr the Liberator.

Dragonborn Empire of Arkhosia (ca 1000?-2450 BCCC) – Founded by the Dragonborn, a wingless draconic humanoid race created as slave warriors by the Orichalan Dragon Lords (the First Lords), probably as a vassal state of Kelnore, but survived that empire's fall.  From the southern borders of the Doomfire Empire, south across Oricha and Isle of the Blest, with outpost colonies in Ghinor beyond the southern sea.  Capital city of Arkhosia in northern Isle of the Blest and other cities along the Straits of Oricha were destroyed by the Turathi Doomfire, eliminating Arkhosia in a single blow.

Empire of Kelnore (ca 400-900 BCCC) – Founded by Northmen who copied and adapted Ghinoran culture.  Notable for her great roadways and public works, but weak in sorcery. Extent as described in WoHF, across all Altanis and far to the NE. Destroyed by barbarian invasions and the magics of the Doomfire Empire.

Ghinoran Successor States - arose in the aftermath of the destruction of the Orichalan Dragon Lords.  Ghninoran city-states spread across Ghinor, Oricha, and the Ghinarian Hills (Thracia), with outposts far to the north and west, eg Damkina.

Empire of the Orichalan Dragon Lords (the First Lords) (?) – The only major power to survive the War of the Pious and Philosophers which destroyed the power of science across the Wilderlands. The Dragon Lords were humanoid but inhuman entities who bound the power of the mighty Dragon Kings to their will.  A few depictions show winged, bipedal, half-draconic creatures. At its height, the empire extended across all Pazidan, the Antillian Peninsula, and beyond, far into Ghinor to the south, and north across the Winedark Sea.  Following a disastrous century-long war with the Demon Empires of the far south, Orichala was destroyed by a combined slave uprising of the Altani barbarian tribes under the first Bondorr (now god of swords), the Dragonborn slave warriors, and to the south the proto-Ghinorans under Prince Ghinor.

Altan Federation(?) - This almost unknown technological and peaceful culture predated the rise of the Dragon Lords in Oricha to the south, and was destroyed by them before and during the War of the Pious and the Philosophers. Originators of the Warforged.  There are indications that the Altan in their desperation may have allied with the alien Markab, and that some Dragon Lords too were corrupted by the power of the dark Markab sorcery known as Science. Remnants believed to be from the Federation can be found from the River of Visions in northern Oricha, north across Altanis to the Roglaras.


Small Sailing Ship, eg Lord Vex's 'Arcadia'. avg. 60 miles (4 hexes)/day. crew 10
Fast Large Merchantman, eg Bjornalf's 'Vex Gratitude', Eldam Alamsor's 'Hale & Hearty'. avg 75 miles (5 hexes)/day. crew 20.